About us

HIZERO Technologies

Developed in 2013, HIZERO Technologies CO.,LTD focus in innovative cleaning technology. Inspired by bionics technology, we created the world’s first dual-use and self-cleanable floor cleaner, HIZERO.

Hizero integrates the current dry cleaning tools (e.g. brooms and vacuum cleaners) and wet cleaning tools (e.g. damp paper towels and mops) into one. Established by a group of engineers and designers, we created a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Based from the nature, HIZERO will make your life easier and simpler. Floor care will never be any easier, it will no longer be considered a chore but a pleasure.

HIZERO is distributed exclusively in Indonesia by PT CV Bangun Cipta Mandiri.

Call +62 813-7394-6833 for details or email informasi@bangunciptamandiri.com